Red Pitaya Accessories

Red Pitaya boards are a standalone product on its own, but they can truly come to life with additional accessories which will protect your board and let you expand its functionalities. Some of these accessories will enable you to try new applications and turn your board into an LCR meter, Logic analyzer and many more.

Extension modules

The logic analyzer module is an additional module that will turn your Red Pitaya device into an eight-input logic analyzer. The logic analyzer module not only makes it possible to connect the included logic probes, but also protects the Red Pitaya device’s digital inputs from overvoltage.

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The LCR meter extension module is an additional module that will turn your Red Pitaya device into an LCR meter. The LCR meter module is controlled by an LCR meter app in order to automatically switch between different measurement ranges and perform measurements. It also comes with Kelvin clips.

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The sensor extension module makes it very easy to interface your Red Pitaya device with around 300 different Grove modules, including buttons, relays, LED indicators, sensors for temperature, light, vibration, air quality sensors and many others. The module also provides compatibility with Arduino extension shields.Sensor extension module

The VNA extension module is an additional module that will turn your Red Pitaya device into a vector network analyzer. The VNA extension module comes with a calibration set in order to properly calibrate the device before performing a measurement.

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Cases & heatsinks

An acrylic case is the most convenient option to protect your STEMlab & SDRlab devices. It protects your board against mechanical damage and influence. The acrylic case is designed in a way that a fan can be mounted on top of it, thus giving additional cooling to the system. The left-hand side of the acrylic case has all the important holes for connectors.

Red Pitaya acrylic case

An aluminium case is the best option to protect your STEMlab & SDRlab devices with style. It protects your board against mechanical damage and influence and takes care of passive cooling. It also has all the important holes for connectors.Red Pitaya Aluminium case

Introducing a specially designed heatsink interface for Red Pitaya

Although no Red Pitaya boards have yet been killed by heat stroke, some of our customers feel it’s better to be on the safe than sorry.

Keep your Red Pitaya board cool with this heatsink interface. A high quality aluminium heatsink with an adhesive thermal layer will protect your Red Pitaya from overheating.

  • Incredibly effective cooling.
  • Eliminates the risk of hardware failure due to overheating.
  • With a low profile, it will fit into most OEM devices.
  • Quiet, simple, passive cooling. No need for noisy fans.
  • Perfectly sized for the Red Pitaya board.
  • Comes with a self-adhesive thermal layer for easy application.
  • Boosts long-term performance.
  • Quick and simple installation.

Compatible with STEM 125-14bit.Red Pitaya heatsink interface


Logic analyzer probes are simply wiring with probes that you connect to the circuit in any configuration. They can be used directly with STEMlab 125-10 for educational purposes or with the logic analyzer extension module.Logic analyzer extension module

The diagnostic kit includes all the probes and adapters that you need to have together with the Red Pitaya device in order to perform measurements. It comes with two oscilloscope probes with 100MHz bandwidth with BNC to SMA connectors to make it easy to connect with Red Pitaya inputs, logic analyzer probes, two SMA to BNC connectors, two SMA T adapters with 50-ohm terminators to properly terminate Red Pitaya outputs, and a Wi-Fi dongle that is compatible with Red Pitaya OS.

This is a PCBite kit with two SP100 100 Mhz hands-free oscilloscope probes.

This complete kit includes everything you need for hands-free measurements with your oscilloscope. SP100 is the first truly hands-free 100Mhz 10:1 oscilloscope probe!

Makes instant measurements or long triggering sessions easy and trouble-free. No more soldering wires to connect your probe or complicated tools to set up, just position the probe needle on any test point or component in the signal path and release. Saves time and frustration during development, verification and repairs.

Click Shields

Red Pitaya Click Shields provide an enhanced set of tools for expanding the versatility of your Red Pitaya, allowing you to connect up to two MIKROE Click Boards directly to it. Bolster your projects with high-resolution ADC, GPS module, LoRa connectivity, or an LCD screen, connect and synchronize clock and trigger signals over multiple devices, or power your Red Pitaya using an industrial power supply. 

Click Shield

Red Pitaya is used in various fields

Since Red Pitaya boards are so versatile, they can be truly used in a variety of different fields. Some people learn the basics with it and some create extraordinary projects in most demanding fields like aerospace or particle accelerators.

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