Red Pitaya in Industry segments

Red Pitaya started with its development boards that have so far helped more than 30,000 enthusiasts, universities and companies around the world with their engineering projects. Many companies across different industry segments use Red Pitaya STEMlab boards either for concept prototyping or test automatization.

Red Pitaya has proved to be a valuable solution in the following industry segments:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Advanced research
  • Quantum computing
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical

Red Pitaya can serve as a plug and play data acquisition tool across various industries since it is fully programmable and easy to integrate into existing software programming languages due to being open source. It serves as a core signal acquisition platform for high speed applications. With Red Pitaya you can get the greatest controlled signal accuracy in high speed signals.

Red Pitaya has an endless number of use cases, but here are just some examples of what our community is working on in different industry segments.

In addition to the points below, Red Pitaya offers endless possibilities due to its versatility and ability to be customized.

Red Pitaya - automotive


  • Red Pitaya allows integration with Lidar sensors and supports the development of new Lidar systems
  • Suitable for debugging due to its all-in-one nature
  • Allows in-house pre-compliance measurements and avoids additional costs
  • Red Pitaya can optimize your HIL (hardware in the loop) process
  • Can be used for monitoring the production of electrical cars
  • Supports development of preventive maintenance systems or predictive maintenance equipment
  • Helps you automate your test procedure (ECU testing)
Red Pitaya - aerospace and defence


  • Red Pitaya provides speed, portability and form factor like no other instruments
  • Affordable tool for over-the-horizon radar
  • Providing a core signal acquisition platform for high speed (250Msps) signal aerospace applications
  • Protect your systems with Red Pitaya by monitoring power usage
  • Red Pitaya allows you to develop algorithms for signal identification
  • Characterize the spectrum with Red Pitaya
  • Monitor the RF spectrum in real time
Red Pitaya - advanced research


  • Red Pitaya provides speed and precision with the astonishing performance of the ADC – 10-, 14- and 16-bit models that run from 125 to 250Msps
  • Get the highest controlled signal accuracy in high speed signals
  • Easily powered by batteries
  • Red Pitaya allows you to analyse and calculate various energies and intensities of gamma rays
  • Leverage the most complex quantum systems with the most affordable instrument
Red Pitaya


  • All Red Pitaya boards can be used as an SDR platform
  • Build your test setup with Red Pitaya
  • Use Red Pitaya to research new protocols
  • Fast signal processing
  • High performance due to a gigabit ethernet interface
  • Verify coverage and ensure network performance
  • Easy to integrate as OEM in RF, wireless and microwave designs
Red Pitaya - medical


  • Our test and measurement tools enable advances in healthcare by bringing medical product ideas to life
  • A data acquisition platform for medical related sensors
  • Optimize the RMI costs with Red Pitaya
  • Easy to integrate in your software environment

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Explore Red Pitaya for Industry

Here are our best picks for industry from the Red Pitaya product family. Don't forget that each product comes in different kit options, which offers you the possibility of choosing your own accessories.

STEMlab 125-14

Starter kit

STEMlab 125-14 is our most versatile and popular product, used in a variety of industrial applications.

SDRlab 122-16

Standard kit

SDRlab is a perfect choice for telecommunications or aerospace and defence segments.

SIGNALlab 250-12

Standard kit

SIGNALlab 250-12 is built for more demanding industrial applications, where robustness and performance matter more than cost.

Red Pitaya boards for Industry

See the main differences between our STEMlab, SDRlab and SIGNALlab boards. Compare and make sure you choose the best option for yourself!

2x IN 125Msps 14bit ±1V / ±20V
2x OUT 125Msps 14bit ±1V
DC coupling (0-60MHz)
jumper selectable gain
Zynq 7010 / 512MB DDR
2x IN 122.88Msps 16bit +-0.5V/+4 dBm
2x OUT 122.88Msps 14bit +-0.5V/+4 dBm
AC coupling only
fixed gains
Zynq 7020 / 512MB DDR
2x IN 250Msps 12bit ±1V/±20V
2x OUT 250Msps 14bit +-2V/+-10V
DC coupling (0-60MHz)
software selectable gains and coupling
Zynq 7020 / 1GB DDR

Read more about Red Pitaya in industry

Red Pitaya

Testing a new exercise at the JSI TRIGA reactor

A Cherenkov radiation-based power meter was successfully set up at the JSI TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana in the framework of a Master thesis and demonstrated for the first time on 13th April 2021 with the collaboration of a group of 2nd Bologna degree Nuclear Engineering students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana.

Red Pitaya

A highly stable monolithic enhancement cavity for SHG in the ultraviolet range

Modern quantum optics experiments require a broad range of laser frequencies. Many requirements are already met by laser sources for a restricted wavelength range, but not necessarily for second harmonic generation (SHG) setups which allow extending the range of specific wavelengths.

NMR relaxation spectrometer instrument

NMR Relaxation Spectrometer instrument

Laboratory material research is traditionally linked to bulky, high-precision equipment for precise analysis. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to take these devices into the field for “real-life” material testing. Increasingly smaller components with impressive performance characteristics are revolutionizing the world of field tests in general, enabling the development of handheld devices with amazing power-to-size ratios.


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