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When it comes to teaching tools for electrical engineering and programming, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tool better than Red Pitaya.

Our FPGA-powered boards can not only replace most of the equipment found in electrical engineering laboratories for a fraction of the cost but also empower students to work on their own projects and take the first steps towards becoming real engineers.

Replace Your Lab Instruments

Why spend thousands of dollars to have your students crammed in front of bulky machines when they could each use their own instrument in the form of a Red Pitaya? Take a look at which instruments you can replace with our boards:

Keep it simple with the Web Interface

Because Red Pitaya uses a web interface and all the software is running on the board, there’s no need to install any proprietary software to get started. All you have to do is open your web browser, connect to the board and select which application you want to run.

Red Pitaya
Remote Learning

This simplicity, together with Red Pitaya’s small size and accessible price, make it the perfect take-home lab kit for students to use in the safety of their homes.

Remote control

Apart from the web applications, Red Pitaya can be controlled with MATLAB, LabVIEW, Scilab, Python.


Teaching materials

To make your job easier, Red Pitaya offers a growing collection of teaching materials and video tutorials.

Teaching Fields

You can use Red Pitaya in these following subjects:

  • Circuits and electronics
  • Measurement in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • FPGA / Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Optics and Photonics
  • and so much more.

Red Pitaya for Research

Red Pitaya is an essential component of many scientific research projects and can also be used while writing a PhD thesis. Here are some examples:

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Explore Red Pitaya for Academia

STEMlab 125-14

STEMlab 125-14

STEMlab 125-14 is our most versatile product and offers additional performance for more advanced users in mind.


Read more and find out how Red Pitaya can help you prepare for your classes more efficiently

Red Pitaya

Bring your lab to students - a guide for professors

The transition to remote learning has made it impossible to bring students to university laboratories to let them learn through experimentation and hands-on measurements of various phenomena. While Red Pitaya cannot return students back to laboratories, we can put a laboratory in their hands.

Red Pitaya

How do universities around the world cope with remote work?

Following the unprecedented COVID-19 spread, universities around the world were faced with a unique challenge – how to keep up with the classes without being physically present. The move to distance learning had to be done quickly and at once. This also started a vast re-organization of the universities and re-evaluation of existing processes. Furthermore, professors faced a new challenge on how to remotely support their students.

5 reasons why Red Pitaya is the perfect measurement & control tool for remote teaching

Device functionalities and data can be accessed through Matlab, Labview, Scilab and Python API’s. The time to develop new applications is short thanks to the intuitive software design, many useful examples and detailed documentation. Here's a more detailed description of each tool with examples like MATLAB, LABview and Jupyter/Python.

Red Pitaya boards for Professors and Students

See the main benefits of STEMlab 125-14.

STEMlab 125-14
2x IN 125Msps 14bit ±1V / ±20V
2x OUT 125Msps 14bit ±1V
60MHz bandwidth
Zynq 7010 / 512MB DDR
USB console
SATA multiple board sync.

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