Revolutionizing Tech Education and Hiring - One Swipe at a Time

 We are not just a learning platform, we are a recruitment platform as well!


What do we do?

 - Prepare individuals to enter the STEM job market and connect them to relevant opportunities.

- Help tech companies recruit certified candidates which poses the skills they need.

For Individuals

Are you looking for an engineering job, but you are not sure what it takes? With SkillSwipe you can acquire the skills relevant for the position you want to apply for in record time. And once you are ready we will also connect you to companies looking for candidates with your skillset. You can also build out your in-app job profile and get noticed that way.

How does it work?
1. Select the position you would like to apply for. You can even send us the job description to help us figure out what you need.
2. Test your knowledge.
3. Start your personalized learning journey.
4. Get certified.
5. Get hired.

For companies

Hiring an engineer has never been this straightforward! All you need is a job description and we will deliver certified candidates to you. Yes, it is that simple.


What sets SkillSwipe apart?

We identified the core problems with learning programming and eliminated them with our innovative approach. Leveraging AI we are able to design learning paths specific to each person and then provide AI tutoring along the way. We also use a blended learning approach that combines rigorous engineering exercises with gamified micro-learning that supports the learning process and keeps learners engaged. We are also partnering with engineering influencers who are proven to resonate with their audience for course creation.


Our Team

We are a team of brilliant engineers and scientists who honed our skills in one of the most challenging industries – particle accelerators. In 2013 we brought to market an open-source, software-defined instrument, Red Pitaya, now used by the likes of NASA, MIT, Harvard and other institutions. Drawing upon our expertise in democratizing high-speed signal acquisition, we're now focusing that innovation on 'high-speed skill acquisition' to bridge the technology talent gap.