Seeds of Success

In January 2013, Rok Uršič gathered a team of experts, laying the foundation for what would become Red Pitaya. This group would later play a crucial role in driving innovation and propelling the company to the forefront of technological progress.

The Birth of STEMlab 125-14

In 2013, Red Pitaya proudly introduced the STEMlab 125-14, our flagship product that has since enabled a wide range of diverse applications. From hobbyists to working with NASA on Mars, it has become a trusted tool, embodying our spirit of innovation and exploration.

Red Pitaya's Kickstarter Launch

On July 22, 2013, we officially launched our Kickstarter campaign. With the incredible support of 826 backers we managed to raise $256,125 to realize our vision of creating open instruments for everyone. This success is a testament to the spirit of collaboration and the widespread belief in our mission.


From Us to You

On February 24, 2014, what started as a Kickstarter dream became a reality, as on this day the first Red Pitaya board was sent to one of our Kickstarter backers.

RS Components Partners with Red Pitaya

In a global deal signed on March 18, 2014, RS Components and Red Pitaya joined forces and launched a new era of accessible and affordable open-source measurement instruments. The focus of this agreement was Red Pitaya's unique technology, offering a simple user interface to empower everyone.

The Student Revolution

In 2014, we marked the year when the first student obtained a bachelor's degree based on research carried out using a Red Pitaya device.


Opening the Digital Doors

In 2015, Red Pitaya opened the virtual doors to its webstore, inviting customers to effortlessly explore and purchase products directly from our website. Since then it has become even easier for users to get hold of the company’s innovative solutions.


STEMlab 125 – 10

In 2016, our team identified the need for a more affordable product in the education space. As a result, we introduced STEMlab 125-10, which has proved to be a crucial part of the teaching process in universities around the world.


First Red Pitaya in Space

On August 7, 2014, Red Pitaya and NASA formed a partnership with which the company stepped into the realm of space-related projects, channeling our expertise to contribute to NASA's exploration and research efforts. Our STEMlab 125-14 plays a vital role in monitoring the air quality at the International Space Station.


Empowering Education

In 2018, Red Pitaya took a monumental step in revolutionizing education by equipping its very first university lab. This milestone marked a powerful collaboration between technology and academia, as Red Pitaya's innovative solutions found their way into the heart of the learning process.

Finding Antarctica's Secrets

In a remarkable expedition of discovery that took place in 2018, Red Pitaya ventured to the heart of Antarctica, an inhospitable yet captivating land shrouded in icy mystery. Anchored by innovation, a dedicated team of engineers harnessed the power of Red Pitaya devices, employing their remarkable capabilities to capture the faintest signals within the frozen expanse.


SDRlab 122-16

In 2019, a new age of innovation started at Red Pitaya with the introduction of SDRlab 122-16. This product was developed specifically for software-defined radio and more demanding RF applications. It has also been used in many case studies in the fields of Mobile Communications, R&D, Military and Amateur Radio.

Stealing the Show at Embedded World 2019

At the prestigious Embedded World event held in Nuremberg, Germany, we stole the spotlight with our largest booth to date. Amidst the iconic red and black, we introduced our newest product, hosted engaging demos, and offered exciting giveaways. A milestone to remember!

Opening Quantum Doors

In 2019, we proudly stepped into the quantum world by partnering with Xanadu, a visionary in the pursuit of accessible quantum computing. This collaboration strengthens our shared mission to democratize quantum technologies, making them a reality for all.


SIGNALlab 250-12

In 2020, Red Pitaya introduced the SIGNALlab 250-12, which is currently the company’s most sophisticated product. It is built for more demanding industrial applications and research, where robustness and performance matter more than cost.


Passing the Baton

In 2021, a new chapter began for Red Pitaya as its ownership changed hands. This marked a pivotal moment in the company's journey, reflecting its adaptability and commitment to continued growth. While the faces behind the scenes shifted, the core values and dedication to innovation remained unwavering. The future now holds more exciting possibilities than ever as Red Pitaya strides confidently into the next stage of its development.

Innovation During the Pandemic

Despite the challenging times we all faced in 2021, Red Pitaya responded to the pandemic by launching 13 online courses and two e-books, with a renewed emphasis on learning outside of the classroom.


STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System

In 2022, we proudly launched the STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel System, a product that highlights our commitment to versatile signal acquisition and generation.

Hacking Creativity

In 2022, we attended our first Hackathon at UCSD in California. This event, which we carried out with the help of Digi-Key, started an exciting journey of creativity and connection between students and Red Pitaya.

Exploring Mars

The eventful year of 2022 saw one especially notable development, as NASA harnessed the power of Red Pitaya for its Mars project. One place where the company’s devices are being used is as the test-bench for the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on NASA’s next Mars Helicopter. The GPR will look for snow and ice under the surface of Mars.

Academic Support Award

In 2022, we received the Academic Support award at the Electronics Industry Awards. Red Pitaya’s commitment to enriching education, exemplified through the free resources and materials we have produced, earned us this recognition from industry leaders.


STEMlab 125-14 4-Input

In 2023, Red Pitaya unveiled the STEMlab 125-14 4-Input, a powerful RF signal acquisition platform. With four analog input channels operating at 125Msps and 14 bits, this single-board solution offers improved performance, reduced noise, and enhanced processing capabilities.

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