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Where are we now

Red Pitaya is leading a revolution in the electronics industry, pioneering the move from closed, fiexed-functionality instruments to multifunction, open-source software-defined instruments that are able to satisfy broad spectrum of customers in different market segments. But where was the idea for Red Pitaya born you might think?

Where we started

This is a story of great engineering minds and excellent scientists, who are at the core of one of the most demanding fields in the industry – particle accelerators. This group of people earned their stripes developing sophisticated particle beam diagnostics instruments for some of the greatest particle accelerators globally, working with top notch physicists and engineers. In 2003 this group introduced the first all-in-one reconfigurable (software-defined) particle beam position monitor, which was based on FPGA technology. The group we’re talking about comes from Instrumentation Technologies, a leader and innovator in the field.

A groundbreaking idea

In 2013, the idea of Red Pitaya was born out of a simple need for a versatile reconfigurable instrument that could replace other expensive lab instruments. The group of engineers who developed Red Pitaya had a few main ideas they were chasing:


so the users don't need to pay for software on a regular basis


So it's portable and therefore can be transported in your pocket


So everybody can find their perfect match


Red Pitaya should be available to everyone but still has to fulfill the most demanding needs

It all started with Kickstarter

What started as a successful Kickstarter campaign has now developed into a grown company which keeps innovating, growing and changing the test and measurement market. What remains the same is the deep engineering background and passionate young individuals with innovations in their hearts. As a confirmation of our innovative approach we were awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Global Electronic Test&Measurement Tools New Product Innovation Award in 2014.

NASA, Apple, Bosch, Siemens, MIT, Stanford, Brown University are just a few established brands that use Red Pitaya, who today also works with the biggest distributors in the field and has served more than 30.000 satisfied customers worldwide. Our mission of revolutionizing the electronics field has spread from hobbyists to academia, radio amateurs, research and industrial segments like automotive, areospace, medical and telecommunications.

Meet the team

Red Pitaya is headquartered in Slovenia, Europe. Our core team (shown in the picture below) and our warehouse is located at the HQ but we have a large team working with us from other parts of the world.

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