Quick Start

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1 Prepare SD card

a) Download the Red Pitaya Image File

b) Unzip

c) Select your operating system and follow the instructions:

1.) Insert SD card into your PC or SD card reader.

2.) Download Win32 Disk Imager to your Desktop and unzip it.

3.) Open unzipped folder, right-click on the WinDisk32Imager, and select 'Run as Administrator'.

4.) Under image file box select unzipped Red Pitaya image file.

5.) Under device box select the drive letter of the SD card.

Warning: Be careful to select the correct drive; if you choose the wrong one you risk erasing data from the computer's hard disk! You can easily see the drive letter (for example E:) by looking in the left column of Windows Explorer.

6.) Click Write and wait for the write to complete.

7.) Exit the Imager.

1.) Insert the SD card into your PC or SD card reader.

2.) Run Disks application to format the SD card.

3.) Open the Terminal and check the available disks with "df -h". Our SD card is 4GB and mounted to /dev/sdb

4.) Unmount the SD card with "umount /dev/sdbN" (make sure you replace N with the right number).

5.) Write the image to the SD card with the following command : dd if=red_pitaya_image_file of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Notice: Replace the red_pitaya_image_file with the name of the unzipped Red Pitaya SD Card Image and /dev/device_name is replaced with the path to the SD Card, usually it will be /dev/sdb.

6.) Wait until the process has finished.

1.) Insert SD card into your PC or SD card reader.

2.) Download Apple Pi Baker and unzip it.

3.) Press "crtl" key and click on ApplePi-Baker icon, then click Open in order to run it.

4.) Enter your admin password and click OK.

5.) Select SD card drive. This can be recognized by the size of the card that is 4GB.

6.) Select Red Pitaya OS image file.

7.) Click "Restore Backup" button in order to write image to SD card.

8.) It's coffee time, application will show you Estimated Time for Accomplishment.

9.) When operation is completed click "OK" and quit ApplePi-Baker.

FAQ: How to install Red Pitaya OS on MAC not using ApplePiBaker?

d) Insert SD card into Red Pitaya

2 Connect to your Red Pitaya


If you are Windows user make sure to install Bonjour Print Services available at www.redpitaya.com/bonjour

Have problems connecting?
Please visit www.redpitaya.com/troubleshooting
or contact our support: support@redpitaya.com

Notice that 6 numbers in url “rp-xxxxxx.local/“ must be the last numbers of your RP MAC address.

FAQ: How to find Red Pitaya URL if it is not written on sticker?