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Dr. Matjaž Vencelj, Institute Jožef Stefan

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Hardware Overview

  • Fast analog inputs (2 ch. @ 125 MS/s, 14 bits)
  • Fast analog outputs (2 ch. @ 125 MS/s, 14 bits)
  • Digital sig. extension connector 16 FPGA GPIOs
  • Remote access (Ethernet 1Gb/s)
  • USB port (USB OTG)
  • Console (micro USB)
  • Power (micro USB)
Pitaya specs
  • Analog Sig extension connector Low speed ADCs (4 ch. @ 100 kS/s, 12 bits) Low speed DACs (4 ch. @ 100 kS/s, 12 bits)
  • Dual core ARM Cortex A9+ FPGA (Zynq SoC)
  • DDR3 RAM 512MB (4Gb)
  • Daisy chain connector
  • System & FPGA image (micro SD card)
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