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Welcome to Red Pitaya's teaching material database. Red Pitaya is a perfect tool to start learning due to its simple web applications and many great examples available. Explore our ever-growing teaching database below and learn something new. If you create a cool project be sure to let us know, we love to share those!​

Learn FPGA programming

Learn FPGA programming using Red Pitaya. From basics of digital systems and Verilog programming to simple and advanced examples.

Basics of Digital Systems

Basics of Verilog FPGA programming

Vivado FPGA programming environment

FPGA lessons

Other Red Pitaya
FPGA related

Circuits & electronics

Learn about passive and active electronic components, their behavior, and their use in theory and practice through videos and written material.

Resistor circuits

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Transient Response

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Analog Filters

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OpAmps 101

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Active Filters

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Analog addition and subtraction

Red Pitaya
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Full wave

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Schmitt triggers

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Function Generators

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Digital to Analog Converter

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Pulse Width Modulation

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Measurements in electrical engineering

Learn more about test and measurement instruments like oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and how to control Red Pitaya using MATLAB & LabVIEW. 

Measurements for electrical engineering

Test and measurement instruments

Measuring Technology exercises

Courtesy of Wilfried Dankmeier from Darmstadt University


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