Student projects

Explore the projects that Red Pitaya students are creating from around the world or learn from our teaching materials !
Untitled design (9)

Red Pitaya as an IoT device

Untitled design (6)

DIY Crystal Tester Circuit

Untitled design (5)

Noise Generator Circuit

Untitled design (2)

BCI with the Red Pitaya
STEMLab 125-10

Untitled design (4)

DIY High Frequency Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)

Untitled design (8)

Wireless Audio Transmission using Li-Fi

Untitled design (3)

Stepper Motor Controller using PYNQ-Z2

Untitled design (1)

Sine Wave Generation using IC 555 and LPF

Untitled design (7)

Coherent Ising Machines

Untitled design (10)

Particle Accelerator Simulator application

Untitled design (11)

Keyboard technology: A 3D printed piano action and self-tuning controller

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