Effortlessly Capture Data with Red Pitaya's Digitizers

Red Pitaya has established itself as a leader in engineering innovation with its development boards, aiding over 30,000 enthusiasts, universities, and companies worldwide. Our STEMlab digitizer boards are employed across various industries for both concept prototyping and test automation, demonstrating unparalleled versatility and customization options.

Revolutionizing Diverse Industries

Red Pitaya has proved to be a valuable solution in the following industry segments:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Advanced research
  • Quantum computing
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical

High-end product designed for User-friendly Experience and Acessibility

Red Pitaya digitizer boards stand out as an open-source multifaceted tool, acclaimed by both the hobbyist and the professional community. Acting as a high-precision digitizer computer, it is an essential instrument that captures and converts analog signals into digital form with impeccable accuracy. Additionally our digitizers open-source nature offers you full control and manipulation of the acquired data in C, Python and MatLAB. company, Red Pitaya is synonymous with quality and innovation, consistently raising the bar for accessibility in digital signal processing.

Detailed Visualization​

 Red Pitaya elevates professional projects with its precision digitization, robust plotting capabilities, and superior display technology. Utilize Red Pitaya’s advanced digitizer to transform complex analog signals into high-resolution digital data. Ideal for engineers, researchers, and technologists, this versatile tool offers an intuitive browser-based platform that stands in as your digitizer screen, ensuring that your detailed analyses are clear and accessible from anywhere.

Versatile Suite of Applications​


Unlock the potential of Red Pitaya with a comprehensive suite of applications, each ready to meet the challenges of sophisticated data analysis and signal processing. Whether it's for education, engineering, or research, our applications are pre-installed to deliver immediate, professional-grade performance across a multitude of functions.

Open Source Flexibility​

 Red Pitaya thrives in the open source ecosystem, inviting you to customize and extend its capabilities. Program it in C and Python, or harness the power of LabVIEW or MATLAB for intricate data manipulation. For those delving into more complex projects, Red Pitaya allows you to program its FPGA, offering a deeper level of hardware control and optimization. It's the openness that empowers innovation and tailored solutions.

Red Pitaya boards

See the main differences between our STEMlab, SDRlab and SIGNALlab digitizer boards. Compare and make sure you choose the best option for yourself!

STEMlab 125-14 board for OEM partners

STEMlab 125-14

2x IN 125Msps 14bit ±1V / ±20V
2x OUT 125Msps 14bit ±1V
DC coupling (0-60MHz)
jumper selectable gain
Zynq 7010 / 512MB DDR
SDRlab 122-16

SDRlab 122-16

2x IN 122.88Msps 16bit +-0.5V/+4 dBm
2x OUT 122.88Msps 14bit +-0.5V/+4 dBm
AC coupling only
fixed gains
Zynq 7020 / 512MB DDR
SIGNALlab 250-12

SIGNALlab 250-12

2x IN 250Msps 12bit ±1V/±20V
2x OUT 250Msps 14bit +-2V/+-10V
DC coupling (0-60MHz)
software selectable gains and coupling
Zynq 7020 / 1GB DDR

Digitize Your World

Transform raw signals into actionable insights with Red Pitaya’s data digitizer. Precision-engineered for high fidelity, it turns complex analog inputs into digital clarity. As a professional digitizer pro tool, it’s optimized for capturing and processing data with such accuracy and ease that it’s the go-to choice for research, engineering, and development.

Precision in Every Measurement

Transform raw signals into actionable insights with Red Pitaya's data digitizer. Precision-engineered for high fidelity, it turns complex analog inputs into digital clarity. As a pro digitizer tool, it's optimized for capturing and processing digitizer data with such accuracy that it's the go-to choice for research, engineering, and development.

Intuitive Tools for Advanced Analysis

Red Pitaya's digitizer software goes beyond basic functionalities. It's a comprehensive suite that acts as both a digitizer plot generator and a data analysis workstation. Equipped with advanced features, this digitizer software delivers analytical prowess that's usually found in high-end digitizer computer systems.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Red Pitaya's online digitizer features, provide you with real-time access to digitizer data through any web-connected device. It's the epitome of digitizer screen convenience—no physical screen required, just pure, streamlined efficiency. Red Pitaya ensures that your data is always within reach, making it a standout digitizer company in terms of connectivity and flexibility.

All-in-one board
that can replace different lab instruments

Oscilloscope and signal generator

Observe electrical signals in time. Generate signals of predefined or custom shapes, frequencies and amplitudes.

LCR meter

Measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component.

Spectrum analyzer

Observe signals in frequency domain, observe amplitude of each freq. component.

Logic analyzer

Capture logic signals analyzer and decode protocols like I2C, SPI, UART and CAN.

Bode Analyzer

Measure freq. response of DUT (device under test) in terms of gain and phase.

vector analyzer

Vector Network Analyzer

Test and optimize performance of antennas, RF filters and more.


6 reasons to buy Red Pitaya


Replace bulky instruments & save space

Red Pitaya is a very powerful and precise multifunction measurement tool that can replace a stack of lab instruments and save your lab space.


Offers flexibility

Red Pitaya devices come with open-source software and can be programmed to own needs providing the user full control over the device and its features.


Uses the latest real-time signal processing technologies

All Red Pitaya products come with  AMD Xilinx Zynq SoC that combines FPGA and CPU, providing a great combination of real-time processing and CPU flexibility.


Reduces your testing tool costs

Red Pitaya products require no licenses or hidden fees, significantly reducing your testing and prototyping costs.



Red Pitaya replaces test and measurement instruments and can be controlled by LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python or programmed to your own needs.


Control or measure remotely

All Red Pitaya products are IoT devices that can perform remote and distributed measurements and provide real-time data.

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    Experience the unparalleled integration of a digitizer computer with Red Pitaya, engineered by a company committed to innovation and accessibility. Our powerful digitizer software facilitates the seamless manipulation of data, ensuring professionals and enthusiasts alike can achieve accurate analysis with ease. Through ours digitizer online capabilities, you can access your data remotely and interact with digitizer on screen interfaces that simplify complex tasks. Whether you're utilizing the advanced digitizer features for comprehensive visual data representation or leveraging the full suite of digitizer pro tools for high-end applications, Red Pitaya delivers performance and versatility that redefine digital signal processing.

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