Red Pitaya FPGA code examples include complete control logic over the signal acquisition and generation and more with all image build instructions and register map documentation. Code if free and available on Github.

Red Pitaya platforms are all based on Xilinx Zynq SoC family devices and are completely open for users to program them with their own FPGA images and run their own software. Compilation and development tools are available from Xilinx and are to some completely free to use.  

To make it easy for FPGA developers to start using Red Pitaya devices and develop their own applications, Red Pitaya releases FPGA code on GitHub for free together with each official OS release. 

Published FPGA images already provide access to all Red Pitaya periphery like ADCs, DACs and also include acquisition and generation, and more. Red Pitaya also provides instructions on how to build these images from scratch, how code is organized, and what controls users have through the register map to control these modules. There are also monitor command-line tool available that makes it easy to control and interact with these registers for testing and debugging purposes.  

Due to Xilinx SoC technologies, FPGA images can instantaneously be loaded/replaced from Linux running on the Red Pitaya device which makes development and testing even more rapid. 

For those that would like to interface FPGA with C code, we recommend taking a look at C API programming examples. 

For those who are unfamiliar with FPGA, we recommend starting with FPGA teaching material that starts with an introduction to FPGA logic and Verilog programming language and comes with a nice set of examples that follows from simple to advanced ones. 

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Development tools

The platform software is Open Source and available on Github. Device functionalities and data can be accessed through Matlab, Labview, Scilab and Python API’s.


Control STEMlab with LabVIEW - software designed for the fast development of any engineering application that requires test, measurement, or control.


Control your Red Pitaya with MATLAB - the easiest and most productive software environment for engineers and scientists. Perfect combination to speed up your research, prototyping and testing.

Jupyter / python

Jupyter notebooks is an open-source web application that combines live Python code, equations, visualizations, dashboards with real time graphs, dials, meters, sliders, buttons and explanatory text.

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