ALU Case – Protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab with Style

The ALU case is the best option to protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab with STYLE. Because of its aluminum nature it protects your board very well against mechanical, environmental, and EMI effects.

The case in detail:

The ALU case is designed in a way that serves entirely as a big heat sink. On the interior part of the housing there is a large 16x16x12mm block which is directly connected to the FPGA of the STEMlab and in this way passes all the heat to the housing.

On the left-hand side of the ALU you will find all the important holes for connectors.

What is in the box:

The STEMlab ALU case pack includes the Aluminum Enclosure, 4 screws, 4 rubber pads to secure the Red Pitaya positioning on the desk, a thermal pad, and a transparent light tube.

What do I need to run this app?
STEMLab 125-10 Starter kit
STEMLab 125-14 Starter kit
STEMLab 125-10 Diagnostic kit
STEMLab 125-14 Diagnostic kit

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